n        Are condoms “shameful goods”?


n        Have you ever been embarrassed at a checkout counter knowing that the cashier and other shoppers behind you are aware of your shopping?


n        When you use it at home, don’t you hide it in the very bottom of the drawer afterwards?


n        Isn’t the biggest reason you do so because of the design of its package?


n       We don’t know why, but most condom packages have particular airs. They are gaudy or vividly metallic or strangely girlish.


n        Condoms are a must in everyday life and one of the properties in adult life.


n        So, we created condoms in a cosmetic-like package.




n        It looks like a night cream. A cubic box which no one has ever thought of creating it.


n        Now you can take it to the checkout counter together with toiletries and medicines and don’t need to feel ashamed.


n        Cubic Condom package enters naturally into interior decoration of your house being put on a side table, a dressing table or a bureau.



n        Even if your children, inmates or visitors see the box by chance, they don’t notice that this is “it”.


n       Cubic Condom package sends out a dim light at night.



n        A part of Cubic Condom package is processed with light accumulator therefore it keeps sending out a dim light at night and looks like a fantasy. You can find the box in the dark very easy without turning on a light.




n        An object processed with this technique absorbs the light from incandescent or fluorescent lamps and saves it within itself and sends light out in the dark for some three hours. Different from fluorescent paints, the light it emits is delicate and it contains no harmful materials.


n        You’ll be excited with the super-fitting feeling of our Cubic Condoms brought by a special processing.


n        Cubic Condom is especially thin and pliable. It gives a soft touch to the delicate skin.



n        With a high technology, we succeeded in producing a thin condom with evenly spread big dots.

n        Cubic Condom “Contour” and “Dotted” types prevent condoms from slipping off and, at the same time bring tighter feeling.



n        To prevent condoms from slipping off is very important for contraception and to ensure that all kinds of sex-infectious diseases are shut off.


n        Cubic Condom box is amazingly compact containing 1.5 dozens of condoms. Ordinary condoms are sold by a dozen, but Cubic Condoms box contains 1.5 dozens.


n         Nevertheless, the Cubic Condom box is compact. We found that a cubic form is ideal to hold condoms. It occupies only a small space to put on or to store. Its simple wrapping, contributes to resource-saving as well.