• MAGNEBIG is a medical grade silicon with neodymium magnets embedded.

  • Strong magnetic power of neodymium magnets brought by the unified arrangement of N and S poles and the comfort squeeze of elastic new silicon will energize penis.
  • MAGNEBIG is most recommendable not only for those who want to have more confidence and train penis stronger but also for those who are worried about lack of its hardness, halfway collapse and decay in holding and revival.


 n         Specialties 

  • MAGNEBIG is developed on a scientific theory that stagnation of hemoglobin in blood inspires the flow of oxygen and the metabolism of energy.
  • Seven neodymium magnets in MAGNEBIG are embedded in a unity and they are arranged to have N-poles to the outside and S-poles inside. This enables to build the most suitable magnetic field.
  • Ordinary rings of this kind had no laws as to the direction of N and S poles of magnets, nor data on their action have been presented.
  • Elastic new silicon used in MAGNEBIG is soft for skin and fits comfortably.  
  • MAGNEBIG is newly developed aiming to power up mans ability.


  • MAGNEBIG is the best support for those who are worried about ED.

  • The action of magnetic field by neodymium magnetic force makes hemoglobin in blood to stagnate. The increase of supply with oxygen boosts energy metabolism and inspires swelling up at the genitals.
  • We have performed a lot of experiments on most suitable gauss value of neodymium magnet, unification of directions of N and S poles, temperature distribution on living body wearing this ring, pulse count, and changes in blood pressure. Based on those verified data we developed the optimum ring – MAGNEBIG. 
  • Changes in temperature brought by wearing MAGNEBIG are seen on a thermo-viewer pictures below:

Before After



n       How to use

  • Stretch MAGNEBIG gently with fingers, and put it around the root of a penis, when you go to bed and remove it next morning.

n        Specifications

  • Material – Silicon
  • Magnet type - Neodymium magnet, nickel-plate finish,
  • Number of Magnets - 7 pieces
  • Arrangement of Magnets - All seven magnets are arranged to have N-poles to the outside and S-poles to the inside.
  • Magnetic force - 700 gauss on the silicon surface (actual survey reading).
  • Shape - Inside diameter –27 mm, Outside diameter - 36 mm.
  • Thickness - 8mm


n       Cautions

  • Do not use MAGNEBIG for any other purpose than originally specified.
  • Do not use MAGNEBIG if you suffer from urinary organ disease, heart disease or blood vessel disease.
  • Remove MAGNEBIG if you feel pain as you wear it. Also if you have itchiness, an eruption or a rash take MAGNEBIG off and see a doctor.
  • Handle MAGNEBIG gently, don’t stretch it too much or damage it by nails etc.
  • When using MAGNEBIG during intercourse, make sure to use condom as well.
  • If your have a pain or a disorder, please stop using MAGNEBIG.


n       Instructions for storage

  • Pay attention to the sanitary condition of MAGNEBIG. After use wash it with water, dry it up completely and store.
  • Don’t store or carry MAGNEBIG together with magnetic cards or precision instruments.
  • Keep MAGNEBIG away from children.